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Energy Audits and Certifications - Opertec

Energy Audits and Certifications

Energy management is essential for the rational use of fuels and electricity. We intend to support our partners in taking on and implementing appropriate measures at a facility in order to achieve more efficient energy consumption.

For audits and certifications it is fundamental to know and characterize the building, its consumptions by energy source, consumer systems and their operating profiles. This makes it possible to characterize the current state of the building and is used as a starting point for energy study.

The study reconciles an Energy Rationalization Plan, which aims to identify measures to improve energy performance, minimizing energy consumption, and consequently the energy bill (electricity and natural gas). On this basis, there will be different improvement measures with the respective technical-economic analysis.

The main advantages for our Customers are:

  • Enhancement of enclosures to reduce heating / cooling needs;

  • Increased efficiency of electric lighting and use of natural lighting;

  • Introduction of high energy efficiency equipment and consumption monitoring systems;

  • Use of renewable resources to produce thermal or electric energy for self-consumption;

  • Control of thermal loads by the adoption of systems that allow shading;

  • Assessment of ambient air conditions;


Building Permit No. 68097 - in accordance with Decree Law number 12/2004, of the 9th January

Registered Entity in ANPC - in the scope of Safety against Fire in Buildings

CERTIF - Installation, Maintenance and technical assistance to fixed refrigeration equipments, air conditioning, heat bombs which contain fluorinated gases with green house effect in accordance to Regulations (CE) 842/ 2006 and 303/2008 and Decree Law 56/ 2011

Gas Installation Entity - Type B gas devices installation and operation in any works to adapt, repair and do maintenance in these devices

Energy Service Company - Level 1