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Opertec is, since 2009, a company which works in the area of facilities management; this is to say, in Buildings management and Operations, Condominiums, Technical and Industrial Installations.

We belong to Casais Group, a Portuguese group widely known in the field of civil construction and Public Works, performing its activity since 1958 in Portugal and abroad.

We are the outcome of a carried out experience for more than a century long in the glob- al follow up of the life cycle of a construction, namely, the conception, construction and building exploitation, motivated by the grow- ing demand of the customers of the different companies of the group, which aware of the provision along the contracts of construction, aimed to extend that trustworthy relationship by the means of management and maintenance contracts of its assets.

Therefore it is our aim to be a partner of our clients in the management, maintenance and preservation of its assets.

Our priority is theclient satisfaction

  • Keep high levels of performance and output;

  • Narrow the outage of processes;

  • Extend the lifetime of the equipment;

  • Reduce reparation costs;

  • Efficient energy consumptions;

  • Continuous improvements;

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Merit Award - Company of the Year at the Innovation in Construction Awards 2016

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APFM - Portuguese Association for Facility Management

APMI - Portuguese Association for Industrial Maintenance