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Photovoltaic - Opertec


The systems of energy production arising from renewable sources play an important role inreducing the energy costs in domestic buildings and industrial buildings and can represent an important financial income generator. Moreover, a good integrated system in the electric installation, no matter it aims to export energy to the network, self consumption or warehouse it contributes to an increase in the energy efficiency, autonomy and reliability of the installation. Regardless of being an industrial or domestic installation, a self consumption installation using storage batteries can reduce the daily consumption up to half during the day.

Opertec assures the development and management of the projects of photovoltaic systems aiming to match the needs of the clients and each type of installation, granting that the best practices will be taken in what photovoltaic industry is concerned.

Opertec develops turn-key projects following these business models:

  • Client’s Self investment;

  • Investment appealing to European Funds in the range of energetic efficiency;

  • External investment of the client.

All the tests and needed inspections and mandatory by law during construction, commissioning, maintenance of the installations as well as the technical specialized inspections are part of a group of services offered by Opertec. This wide range of skills is a sign of a wide knowledge and contributes to the quality of the project, the installations and therefore the client satisfaction. Opertec carries out termographic analysis using drones.

Maintaining photovoltaic systems takes a very important role during the life cycle of these systems and its components. A skilled and specialized maintenance assures that the behavior and the performance of the equipments is in accordance with expected and allows identifying possible deviations to the economical goals and profitability planned during the project.

Our expertise allows keeping and demonstrating the correct use of the machines, find failures and their causes, increasing the global availability and projects profitability.