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Energetic Efficiency
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Integrated management system
Specialized Technical Services - Opertec

Specialized Technical Services

THERMOGRAPHY It is one of the most modern digital imaging diagnostic processes currently. Thermography is going to have a component developed in the field and a component developed in the office. It is based on the prediction and foresight of potential problems.

VIBRATION ANALYSIS It is based in the knowledge of the state of the machine taken by regular and continuous measuring of one or more significant parameters, avoiding unannounced stops and replacing unnecessary parts.

TECHNICAL AUDITS Qualitative and quantitative analysis related to installation and reliability.

RISK ANALYSIS Maintenance and Inspection centre in risk, in probability and consequences of failure.

TECHNICAL RESPONSIBILITIES Technical Responsibility in the scope of electrical installations (TRIE – Responsible Technician for Electrical Installations) and HVAC Installation (TIM III – Installation and Maintenance Technician with fluorinated gases certification).

COMMUNICATION WITH ENTITIES Communication with Inspection Agencies (Certiel, DGEG – General Direction for Energy and Geology, among others) and with service supplier entities (water, electricity and gas).