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Maintenance Management Software
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Maintenance Management Software - Opertec

Maintenance Management Software

Allows in a simple, integrated, flexible and efficient way to manage equipments, maintenance services and infrastructures.

This software uses the most advanced technologies in web, mobiles and sensors to make it simple and fast the maintenance management process, assuring a stronger safety and control of the processes, which means a better profitability of the managed assets and a faster and efficient answer to each client.

All equipments of the client are tagged, which by NFC technology communicates with the mobile/ tablet of the technician in such a way these can open and close the service orders, report failures and introduce measurements.

The provision of services of Opertec includes a web interface for the client, which allows to:

  • See maintenance reports;

  • See in a fast and simple way the main performance indicators;

  • Check information in an easy and intuitive way;

  • Check reports with personalized performance indicators;

  • Check information and knowledge repository created in a continuous and automatic way;

  • Check information about pending failures, to quote, to execute;

  • Ask directly in the software for budgets.

With this system we assure:

  • An increase in the satisfaction of the client by maximizing the working quality of their equipments and spaces;

  • Quick answer to failures, reducing the time between the detection of the failure and its resolution;

  • Possibility of issuing reports immediately;

  • Efficient maintenance.

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This software uses the most innovative technologies in the web, mobile and sensor areas.